July 25th is Ostomy Awareness Day and we’re donating 5% of all Ostomy sales to UOAA!

Everyone with an Ostomy has probably heard of the United Ostomy Association of America. The UOAA reaches most corners of the U.S. through a network of support chapters and and on the Internet via their Website, providing awareness, information and online help for those who are making the decision for Ostomy surgery and for those who have had ostomy surgery.

We'd like to do our part to spread awareness. In lieu of Ostomy Awareness Day on July 25th: STLMedical.com will donate 5% of all ostomy supply sales from now through July 27th to the United Ostomy Association of America (UOAA).

Why ostomy awareness?
Many are faced with the decision to get ostomy surgery. Without the right tools and knowledge, these individuals are subject toe the questions, myths, fears and negative stigma of having an Ostomy. Time and time again, ostomy surgery has saved lives and increased the quality of life for individuals. The UOAA educates and provides resources, information, and support for those who are in need of Ostomy surgery or who have an ostomy.

And there's no question about it; so many of our Ostomy customers, Twitter Followers, Facebook Fans, STL Medical Nurses & Sales staff all benefit from the invaluable resources provided by the UOAA.

There are no coupon codes or special provisions - simply make your purchase of any ostomy supplies including pouches, wafers and systems and we'll make a donation to the UOAA for 5% the total Ostomy supply sales from now until midnight on July 27th.

To read more about our pledge online, see our official Ostomy Awareness page.

(And, by the way, if you don't need supplies and are still feeling generous, we still encourage you to donate to the UOAA through their Website!)