STL Medical Supply Has Moved Locations

Dear friends, family, and loyal customers:

While we're all pretty friendly here, there's something to be said about sitting elbow-to-elbow every day! Our old building was bursting at the seams with inventory, offices, and staff.

So over the past few months, we have been quietly and carefully migrating our offices to a nearby, more modern facility about 15 minutes away from the Kirkwood location. And as of today, January 31st, 2011, we are open and fully operational in Fenton, MO.

Driving in? Keep an eye out for our new logo!

Our new address is: 1664 Larkin Williams Rd. Fenton, MO 63026


Where exactly did you move?

1664 Larkin Williams Rd. Fenton, MO 63026. See the our interactive map.

Why did you move?

To serve you better! Seeking out the ideal location was a very important decision not taken lightly; our new facility gives us the space we need to continue growing, provide new products, and helps us manage our existing business better.

We understand that some of our most loyal, long-time customers in Kirkwood may find this less convenient. But we are also pretty sure you'll be quite pleased with the changes we've made. Here is what's new:

1) More Spacious Parking - Let's face it, the old parking lot was kind of a mess. The lanes were narrow and sharp corners make it difficult to maneuver a car. It was so close to the intersection of Lindbergh and Manchester making a left turn was dangerous, and at worst impossible. Our new lot accommodates everyone safely and conveniently with over 24 spaces on a low-traffic road.

2) More Focus on Service - Our new store is built with individualized care in mind. You can expect the same friendly service staff and nurses you know. Our reputation is to provide personal service to every customer, and we have decades of experience in providing specialized care our customers' home care needs.

3) Lower Prices on Many Products - Our retail catalog matches our online catalog for all cash-and-carry sales. This means up to 30% less on many of your favorite items.

4) Fully Stocked Warehouse - We have centralized our inventory in our new warehouse with about 4x the space as our previous location. Our entire stock, whether online or in person, is available on premise.

I purchase my supplies online. What has changed for Online Customers?

Nothing has changed! In fact, if you have ordered online since September, the chances are your order was shipped out from our new location. If you have or plan on ordering online at, there is, and will be, absolutely no affect on your order.