STL Medical Donates Supplies to Haiti

We've been a part of the local St. Louis community for around 30 years.  But a lot has happened since then (like this little thing called the Internet), and as we've grown online,  our business presence, and thus our social responsibility, extends to the national community and also the International community.

Like hundreds of millions of people across the planet, we are acutely aware of the devastating effects the recent earthquake in January has impacted Haiti and realize we're in a position to make a direct impact in these peoples lives.

As a provider of medical supplies, we have the resources and life saving supplies needed in this time of crisis.  This is why we coordinated with a Springfield, IL humanitarian organization called the Working with the Hospital Sisters Mission Outreach to provide $10,000 in medical supplies for their aid packages to Haiti.

It is our mission to not only provide good honest business, but to touch the lives of others, and we want to prove that it’s possible that even a small company such as ours can help make a difference.  We will continue to pursue ways to get involved and help lend a hand to others when they need it most.

We would like to also encourage you to get involved if you are within your means to do so.  In an impoverished country such as Haiti, most are astonished at how much a little can do.  If you would like to donate to Haiti recovery efforts, we recommend seeking out a reputable foundation to donate to, such as Hospital sisters Mission Outreach or the Red Cross.