Spring is Coming! Prevent and Manage Your Hay Fever

Spring is on the horizon - bringing back the bright season of life and sunshine back to our community. Bunnies, flowers, trees, warm temperatures, morning dew and sweet smelling rain.  But while Spring is definitely in the air, so is a whole lot of pollen.

Hay fever makes Spring a bittersweet season for those who can't seem to go outside without a runny nose, itchy/swollen eyes, headaches and sneezing. Hay fever shares a lot of the common symptoms of a cold but the cause is from microscopic pollen in the air. It's a very common allergy, and fortunately there are some very simple steps you can take to help minimize hay fever this year:

  • Eat Better:
    - More vegetables, yogurt, garlic, natural honey, calcium and vitamin C.
    - Less caffeine, sugar, and dairy.
  • Stay Clean:
    - Keep clothes and bedding clean to reduce the pollen.
    - Watch the Daily Pollen Count and keep windows closed on high pollen days. (Pollen usually peaks in the early evening)
    - Shower at night to get any pollen off of hair and skin.
  • Manage the Symptoms:
    - Wear UV protective sunglasses outdoors to keep pollen out of sensitive eyes.
    - Over-the-counter antihistamines are generally recommended to relieve the symptoms.   (Of course, talk with your doctor if you have special needs or if you're taking other medications.)
    - If you work outdoors (landscaping, gardening, etc.), consider wearing a protective particulate mask while working.
    - For relief from more serious cases and sinus irritation, talk with your doctor and perhaps try a Nebulizer.