Speedicath Compact from Coloplast – The Perfect Travel Catheter for Women

Active women can run into situations where they need to quickly use a catheter while in public or traveling. Carrying catheters and lubes around everywhere is cumbersome and often hard to be discreet since they aren't designed for portability. So, for those of us on the go and in need of the most portable, easy catheter, Coloplast has designed the perfect travel companion called Speedicath Compact.

Speedicath Compact is a product you may or may not have heard of before. The small, individual ready-to-use SpeediCath catheter comes in a sterile pre-lubricated tube about the size and appearance of a small lip gloss container. These smooth compact catheters are PVC free and are packaged small enough for several of them to fit easily - and discreetly - in a purse or pocket for when they are needed.

To use a Speedicath, you simply twist open the sterile tube and pull. A single use, pre-lubricated catheter is inside and ready for insertion. Once finished using the Speedicath, simply slide the tube portion back into the plastic container, dispose, and go about your business. It's really that simple.

Speedicath comes in sizes from 10 Fr. to 14 Fr. - Find Speedicath Compact on STLMedical.com at a great low Internet price.