SIGVARIS Tests Golfers with Athletic Recovery Graduated Compression Socks

SIGVARIS, a global leader in compression therapy stockings, has recently put to the test the full line of athletic recovery socks with golfers, giving them a day long trial to wear the socks and see if there is a noticeable difference in swelling and pain in their legs.

Golf can be strenuous for some, who often stand and move all day during a full 18-hole course or spend their days practicing. Standing all day long can make legs tired, achy, and swollen.

SIGVARIS put their new golf socks to the test in a trial at the Horseshoe Bend Country Club, located near Atlanta, GA.

Before the trial, less than 1 in 4 golfers said they're experiencing leg swelling during or after golfing. After wearing SIGVARIS graduated compression socks during their golf day, 18 out of 36 golfers responded their legs appeared and felt less swollen by the end of the day.

Why? SIGVARIS compression therapy socks help circulation and reduce swelling and pain from standing for long hours. They help flush out lactic acids, relieving muscle soreness and helping recovery. From the press release:

“I am a golf-pro, on my feet ten plus hours a day. The SIGVARIS compression golf socks provide great support and relief – They are awesome!”, said Andreas Boberg, Head Golf-Pro at Horseshoe Bend Country Club.

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