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When shopping STL Medical Supply, you'll notice just below the "Add to Basket" button on our items there is a new rating bar that looks... this: ...or like this:

(...depending on if it has a review already or not.)

Good product reviews help STLMedical customers make informed decisions about their purchases. It also helps us to better understand how well our products perform so we can bring you the best shopping experience possible.

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You'll notice right now, the number of product reviews right now is almost zero. With your help, we'd like to change that.

It isn't much, but we thought $5 is worth your time to share your thoughts on your past purchases. Here is a one-time coupon code for everyone to get $5 off your next order of $25 or more: IREVIEWEDAPRODUCT

(Note: This coupon code is good until 12/31/2010 and works on the "honor system"; meaning, we don't know if you've actually submitted a review or not. But we certainly hope you will!)

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