Properly Putting on and Removing Compression Stockings

Care and consideration when donning your stockings are key to the effectiveness and maintenance of your compression stockings.  Improper donning and removal can have a negative impact on your health and cause unnecessary skin irritation.  These problems are easily avoiding with good, practical steps.

Here are some tips for putting on your stockings:

  • Rise and Shine – When you first wake up in the morning is the best time to put on stockings.  Swelling is typically lower since you’re not on your feet.  If you shower in the morning, do it first thing and be sure your legs are nice and try before putting your stockings on since moisture can make wearing uncomfortable.
  • Don’t gather the stocking before putting on -   Bunching up a compression therapy stocking can make putting it on more difficult, increasing the number of wrinkles along the leg in the material that will need smoothing later.
  • Never yank a stocking up the leg – Pulling on the end of a stocking isn’t very effective and risks ripping or tearing the material.  Instead, flip the sticking inside out at the heel and place the foot inside.  Then, roll the stocking upward from the ankle up to the knee or thigh.  Alternately, you can use a device as as a compression stocking applicator designed for safely donning stockings.
  • Gloves make great wrinkle-smoothers – Textured rubber gloves give you the right traction to gently massage and rub wrinkles out of the stocking.  It also prevents nails or jewelry from catching or damaging the compression stocking.
  • Only if it feels right – If noticeable discomfort such as tingling or numbness occurs, carefully remove the stockings.
    • Don’t roll – Rolling the stockings down the leg actually makes removal more difficult and can risk tearing its material.
    • Don’t cut – Well, only if you plan on using them again.  Cutting stockings reduces or eliminates their effectiveness.  Leave them intact for as long as possible and if they’re showing cuts, rips, or tears, its time for a replacement.
    • Peel them off – Shedding your stockings correctly isn’t difficult; carefully hold the top of the stockings, pull them slightly away from the leg and peel them downwards and inside-out.
    • Wear Your Gloves – Gloves give you better traction and decrease the likelihood that the material can rip, tear, or deform.
    • Here are some tools you can use for donning / removing stockings

  • Here are some tips for removing stockings: