Product Recall: Coloplast Cysto-Care Irrigation Trays

Coloplast Cysto-Care RecallA product from Coloplast was found to be affected by the recent TRIAD Lubricating Jelly Recall from December 2010.

The affected Cysto-Care trays are: MNUT1001, MNUT1002, UT7010, UT7015, UT7030, UT7035, UT8140, UT8145, UT8150, UT8155.

All other components of the Cysto-Care trays (including the catheter) are not affected by this recall. The recall only affects the TRIAD alcohol prep pads and/or lubricant packs included in the tray.

We have taken action to contact all recent customer who we believe may have purchased from these affected lots. However, if you have purchased any Cysto-Care products from us, please cease use and contact us so we may assist you. As such, while we have left this product on our Website with the recall notice, we will not be shipping this item until the recall is alleviated.

Thank you!