New Product Announcement – Erec-Tech Vacuum Therapy Systems and Rings

This month we've added all new Manual and Battery Operated Erec-Tech vacuum systems, rings and lube to our line of impotency aids. Available in both Prescription and Over-the-Counter options, Erec-Tech vacuum therapy offers these superior benefits:

1) Durable Tension Ring System - Circular, highly flexible soft-gel rings in multiple sizes that fit comfortably to the body with no corners/edges that bend or snap common with other tension ring systems.

2) Easy, Effortless Ring Loading system - Loading tension rings to the vacuum device is easier than ever with the Easy loader, included with the system or purchased separately. Simply load the ring, slide it onto the cylinder with the included cone and the device is ready to use.

3) Custom-fitted Cylinder Seals - Everyone's anatomy is different, and the custom-fitted seals help ensure a comfortable seal that works every time.

4) Downward Pressure Manual Pump - The manual pump mechanism is designed to create pressure with a downward push instead of a squeeze-trigger, making operation more reliable and easier for those with weak hands or arthritis.