New Incontinence Treatment Relies On… Tickling the Feet?

Tickling, an activity usually known to cause incontinence, is precisely the key feature of a new device that may be used to treat some urinary urgency, urinary frequency and urge incontinence.

Known as the Urgent Neuromodulation System, this device has a small needle that electrically stimulates a nerve from the ankle, up the tibial nerve in the leg, leg and to the nerves that control pelvic floor and urinary function. The stimulation that the device sends up the nerve is similar to a "tickling" of the feet.

New Device Tickles Nerves to Help Incontinence

Researchers performed a 13 week randomized trial of this treatment with over 220 participating adults with overactive bladder symptoms. Half of the participants received the treatment while the other half received a sham treatment.

The results? Statistically, those who received tibial nerve stimulation therapy had significantly less incontinence episodes and bladder symptoms, with 54.5% reporting moderately to markedly improvements to their urge incontinence compared to 20.9% of the sham therapy group. The group receiving the therapy reported less incontinence incidents and nighttime episodes.

Even better, no negative results or malfunctions were reported as a result of using the device for treatment. With more research, this treatment could prove to be a great drug-free alternative therapy for decreasing incontinence episodes safely and effectively, helping to control an overactive bladder.