Making Online Ostomy Supply Easier

"What is the best ostomy pouching system?"  It's sort of like asking the "best" clothes to wear, or the "best" hair style.  There is no "best".   The human body comes in many shapes and sizes, and pouching systems must must conform for a fit that provides the best security and performance for that individual's lifestyle.

The good news is these products exist. The bad news is we have an overwhelming selection of systems, adhesives, removers, wipes and accessories. There are literally thousands of options to choose from, and narrowing them down isn't always easy.

As a supplier, it is our goal to provide the best value for ostomy supplies online.  When we think of "value", we think of prices, but we also think about all of the things we do to help the end user.  We do more, and here those things that distinguish us:

Providing the Best Price

We can't talk about online shopping value without talking about price.  With free shipping for orders over $50, volume pricing options on pouches and barriers, and regular discounts through our newsletter, we have one of the most competitive offerings for ostomy supplies online.

Our Dedication to Service - "We'll Cut It For You"

"Reliable shipping, phone and ticket support, blah-blah-blah.  What's so special about that?"

We agree, these things are just common sense.  We stock our own inventory for most of our ostomy supplies and we usually ship in-stock orders the same day if ordered before 3PM CST.   We have real person support available via phone, email, and in person during business hours.

But did you know our staff and nurses will cut your skin barriers for you?  Before you add any cut-to-fit barriers to your shopping basket, you can optionally tell us the opening diameter you need.  We'll save you time and effort by cutting the opening on each barrier to your exact size. You'll receive them ready to use with no hassles and at no additional charge.

Interactive Product Catalogs

Sizes, colors, Pieces, HCPCS Codes, stock numbers, oh my.  Anyone who has ever flipped through a printed catalog for ostomy supplies knows how time consuming this hunt can be. There is more choice in ostomy supplies than the entire paper towel aisle at the grocery store.

Paper catalogs simply don't provide near the level of information for the end user, so we built a few interactive product catalogs (linked below).  You can search these catalogs to instantly find anything you need.  For instance: search for "Green" to find which pouches will match a Hollister "Green" barrier.  Search any HCPCS code to only see its products.

Any linked product code will jump to that product's page for a full description, photo, pricing, and any reviews from other customers who have used the product. Go ahead, give them a spin:

It's our part to help you make the most informed decision about the products you purchase.

Is there anything else we can do?

We're listening for more ways to improve online ostomy supply. Post your ideas, comments and suggestions below or contact us directly!