Maintaining your Compression Stockings with Regular Cleaning and Care

Compression therapy stockings get costly if you’re not maintaining them properly and are frequently replacing them because of holes, runs, tears, or loss of compression.  Good compression therapy stockings will last 3-6 months, depending on the brand and wear and tear.

A few simple cleaning steps dramatically increase the life if your stockings.  Here’s how to care for your stockings, socks, and hosiery to get the most use.

  1. Wash regularly – Just like regular socks, hose, or stockings, keeping compression therapy legwear clean is the first step to a long durable life.  Each manufacturer will have their own cleaning procedures and recommendations, but with some extra care most stockings can be washed on a Gentle wash cycle with warm water and a mild detergent.
  2. Protecting During Wash Cycles – Even when washing sockings in a washing machine, you’ll want to protect them from getting tears or rips.  A lingerie bag does the trick – turn any socks inside-out before washing and place them in the bag before throwing it into the washing machine.
  3. Don’t use strong washing chemicals – Fabric softeners, bleach, and other strong cleaning chemicals can damage or harm the life of your compression stockings, so it’s best to avoid them.
  4. Air-dry the stockings – Dryer heat and spin cycles can also damage your compression therapy leggings, so allow them to air-dry.
  5. Hand Wash when Needed – Hand washing is the safest way to care for your stockings.  If you’re unsure about the instructions for washing your stockings, a little mild detergent and some old fashioned elbow grease will get them clean.
  6. Give any bands or attachments extra attention – If your stockings have adhesive bands or attachments, be sure that the wash cycle is the same of any other stockings you own before washing them similarly.  Some bands have silicone for anti-slippage that can be difficult to clean; a little rubbing alcohol will remove the surface oil and link that gathers on these bands.