Macroplastique by Uroplasty shows Strong Effectiveness for Urinary Incontinence

Macroplastique, an injectable bulking agent for the urethra is used for treating adult stress incontinence in women. It's a combination of a water-soluble gel that the body absorbs and a synthetic, silicone implant that remains permanently in the body to bulk up the urethra, helping to prevent urinary stress incontinence.

Macroplastique UroplastyUroplasty, the company who produces Macroplastique, has been a leading product for uretheral bulking in Europe for over 18 years. Urologists in the United States are giving more focus to this effective product.

The study shows that over a two year span studying stress urinary incontinence in women shows that 84% of the women showed sustained improvement over a 12-month assessment and over 67% showed no incontinence issues after a 24 month visit. Overall assessments show that 85% of the study participants showed dryness or strong improvements over the 2 year period.

The results of this study are published in the April 2010 edition of The Journal of Urology. From the press release:

"This study clearly demonstrates that Macroplastique provides a high level of long-term effectiveness," said Uroplasty Chief Executive Officer and President David Kaysen. "The effectiveness means major improvements in quality of life for women who previously suffered from unwanted urinary leakage. While other urethral bulking agents may be absorbed into the body, potentially diminishing their clinical benefit, Macroplastique is composed of a permanent silicone elastomer that contributes to sustained, measurable patient improvement," added Mr. Kaysen.