Looking Stylish with Compression Therapy Stockings

Nothing sounds less fashionable than the long, 12 syllable phrase "Graduated Compression Therapy Stocking", or the lesser-syllable buy equally arduous "Medical Therapy Stocking" for that matter. Most compression stockings are first designed with comfort in mind, but fortunately, thanks to innovative manufacturing and design, you do not have tosacrifice style when donning your own pair of compression stockings.

Manufacturers of compression therapy products such as Jobst and Sigvaris have many series of stockings and socks available for all interests, combining style and color with therapy that cane be worn casually, professionally, or socially.

Here is a glance at Sigvaris' line of Compression Therapy products and how they have combined style with comfort and graduated compression therapy:

Casual Wear for Men and Women

Sigvaris 146 and 186 Series146/186 Casual Cotton Series - Modern casual design with 5 colors of graduated compression for style. These socks are rather informal as far as fashion is concerned and come in 15-20mmHg compression.

Sheer Hosiery for Women

Sigvaris Sheer Hosiery120 Sheer Fashion Series - Fits and looks like fashion hosiery in a spectrum of 9 colors, these jersey-knit stockings provide calf-high or thigh-high graduated compression at a15-20mmHg level.

Sigvaris Transparent Hosiery770 Truly Transparent - Attractive stockings designed for comfortable fit for close-fitting garments with the sheer look of hosiery and a lace top. They come in Navy, Black, Suntan, Natural, and Black Mist colors. These stockings come in compression levels from 20-30mmHg to 30-40mmHg.

780 Eversheer Hosiery - Close-knit, soft transparent hosiery with lace-top that breathes easily and fits comfortably against the skin. Eversheer stockings have one of the highest ratings in the industry for Transparency Rate compared to the sheerness of competitor's stockings. The Eversheer series comes in 20-30mmHg compression.

Dress Socks / Ribbed Socks for Men and Women

Sigvaris 145 and 185 Series145/185 Classic Dress Fashion - Socks are not at the top of the list for fashionable clothing, but socks are also never overlooked. Sigvaris offers 5 colors for women and 6 colors for men's dress socks, including another series of contemporary ribbed styles for men.

Sigvaris 180 Series180 Classic Ribbed Series (for Men) - A nylon and spandex graduated compression sock with a contemporary and more formal ribbed design, these socks look and feel good for the office or around town. They come in 6 fashionable colors: White, Navy, Brown, Charcoal, Khaki, and Black and offer a solid 15-20mmHg of compression.

Athletic Socks for Men and Women

Sigvaris Athletic Recovery Socks144/184 Athletic Recovery Series - Athletic Footwear isn't really considered "fashionable" so much as "functional", but when it comes to style, the biggest concern with athletic wear is odor control. Athletic therapy socks from Sigvaris feature latex-free yarns and Freshguard treatments to eliminating most foot odors and allow the feet to breathe, so wherever you're at, your socks and feet will stay relatively odor-free. Athletic recovery socks come in black and white and a 15-20mmHg compression level.