Ladies – Want Less Incontinence After Childbirth? Get the Epidural.

Childbirth is a major factor in female incontinence later in life. In fact, as many as 50 percent of all women experience some form of incontinence during their life. One vaginal birth delivery quadrules the likelihood of incontinence. Two births increases the likelihood 8-fold.

Research in Australia shows that having an epidural during labor lowers the risk of damage to the internal organs.

The study went something like this: 400 childbirths between 2005 and 2008 were monitored. 2/3rds of women who gave vaginal births were included in the study, those with a Cesarean section were excluded.

Out of the women who delivered vaginally, 13 percent suffered muscle damage. Using forceps during birth increased the risk of muscle injury to 30 percent.

It was discovered that the women who chose an epidural during labor not only had less pain and smoother deliveries, but also had far less long-term effects of reducing prolapse and muscle damages that can case incontinence.

Why would this be? Well, researchers aren't entirely sure, but it's theorized that the epidurals decrease damage from women who are pushing too early or too hard. Epidurals temporarily paralyze muscles, decreased the likelihood of injury.

Source: The Med Guru

The research and findings can be found in the International obstetrics journal BJOG.

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