Is Japan Turning Used Diapers into Energy?

Japan Super Faiths Diaper FuelLet's face it, our much needed incontinence supplies such as a adult diapers and disposable briefs can create a lot of waste.  Many fill landfills with synthetics & plastics that do not degrade easily or quickly, or they're burned into harmful gasses creating environmental problems.

And demand for adult incontinence products has surpassed demand for infant diapers in Japan significantly - the birth rate has lowered and the population in Japan over 65 will reach 22.5% of the total population this year.  From this article:

The Japan Hygiene Products Industry Association said diaper output totaled 12,813 billion last year, up 1.4 percent from 2008. The total included 5.019 billion adult diapers, up 6.9 percent from the previous year and marked the first time that the volume exceeded 5 billion. Output of baby diapers dropped 1.9 percent.

This aging population that isn't getting younger.   So yes, the race is on to sustain the growing needs for incontinence products.   You can find several ways to approach this problem including:

1) Better treatment, awareness, and cures for all the forms of incontinence

2) Create environmentally friendly or degradable briefs, diapers, undergarments and pads.

3) Find a way to use all of these used, dirty diapers in a useful way.  (and not filling landfills or burning them into environmentally harmful gasses.)

So, the Japanese have found a way to turn used diapers into fuel. The technology, found by the company Super Faiths, promises a method to turn used diapers into biomass fuel that can be used in stoves and heating systems.  You throw your used diapers into the contraption and after a process of sterilizing and disintegrating the material, it comes out the other end in the form of fuel pellets.