Incontinence Products Seeing a Rising Demand

The growing elderly poplulations are showing an increasing demand for ostomy and incontinence products according to this article by

Demand has increased and the elderly have been more active as the quality of senior living has grown.  Because of the demand, there have been advancements in the technology of both ostomy and incontinence goods.

The main focus of the demand?  More and better products that lessen the regular maintenance and embarrassment of experiencing incontinence for mobile, active living.

One example is heavy absorbent diapers being replaced by more “pull on” style briefs and undergarments that are more comfortable and provide equal or more protection than diapers.

Incontinence isn’t the only growing market segment in healthcare and medicine – almost equal in its level of demand is for Ostomy supplies, due to the rising issues of colon cancer and colon disease requiring ostomy surgery. discusses this in their market report on the subject.

In addition, Marketstrat just released their report “Incontinence  Device Markets Worldwide” discussing the growing market for UI devices.

Although the market has slowed in growth in 2009 due to the economic slump, the trends show that between between 2008 and 2016, it’s expected to see an increase of about 4%, bringing the market to $2 billion by 2016.

According to the report, about 30% of women are affected by incontinence in their lifetime but many cases go undiagnosed.  Due to increasing awareness, the rate of diagnosis is increasing and therefore the demand for products.

The study shows that many elderly are either unaware of treatment or just too uncomfortable to get help for the issues of incontinence.  Most don’t realize that incontinence is a fairly common issue.  And since it’s a growing issue, it is likely that many are reimbursed for their incontinence supplies by their insurance provider.

Of course, adult diapers and bed pads are still popular – and necessary – incontinence products in most cases.  But a more active elderly means a more “mobile” and discreet solution.  And with a growing population of elderly coupled with the percentage of seniors that experience incontinence, it’s no wonder the demand is increasing.

And while there are lots of stats and numbers on the subject, one thing is certain:  Technology is getting better to provide less invasive and less embarrassing products, and the products are increasing in demand by the aging population in the world.