Incontinence Book Authored by a Former Playboy Bunny

Crack in the Mask by Bunny JakiWhile Playboy celebrates their 50th Year Anniversary, a former playboy "Bunny Jaki" wrote a book on the management of incontinence called A Crack in the Mask: The Felt Sense Method - A Humanistic Approach for Managing Incontinence, Highlighted by the Memories of a Woman Who Has Been There.

The book is factual, illustrated and keeps you interested. Jaki wants to bring a personal touch to the oft embarassing issue of incontinence that effects many women later in life. Jaki experienced incontinence herself and expresses her own understanding of the subject and explains all the techniques to reign in bladder control.

Jaki's method is called "The Felt Sense Method" and involves various exercises and yoga positions to strengthen then pelvic floor. She does this by interweaving advice and medical facts with stories and her own personal touch. Here's an overview of Jaki's four step process:

1. Looking at the psychological attitudes surrounding incontinence.
2. Acquiring knowledge and understanding about the condition.
3. Gaining understanding about the pelvic muscles and developing muscle contraction skills.
4. Committing to PRACTICE!!!

If you're a woman experiencing incontinence like Jaki did, I would recommend reading her book. You can find more about Bunny Jaki and her book here.