Incontinence 2.0 – New System Brings Adult Incontinence to the Digital Age

Technology enhances all aspects of our lives; this mantra now holds true in the world of adult incontinence.

The new SIMSystem from Simavita uses small remote beacon that fits into the back of a diaper or pants along along with a disposable sensor strip.  This remote device transmits a signal to a central monitoring network when it recognizes wetness, sending this information to a computer that keeps track of daily incontinence episodes, frequency, and alerts a caregiver that assistance is needed.


The system works almost in real-time, transmitting information to caregivers often as soon as it recognizes an episode is occurring.

This new tools can be used to make incontinence less embarrassing for seniors, faster care and response from caregivers, and help improve quality of life for all by tracking time of day and frequency of incontinence episodes, providing intelligence that helps make better decisions about providing care.

That said, whoever would have thought that incontinence could be brought to the digital age?  Perhaps you can take it a step further, and send your SMS Text messages to Twitter, run an RSS Feed, post it to a blog, and submit your incontinence through Facebook?  Within minutes, you can notify millions about your diaper status.  Not that you would ever want to do so, but just saying...

This brings up an even larger point about health care and technology.  Medicine is becoming increasingly more wireless, and in a good way.  It may be possible to monitor all vital signs via cell phones and remote sensors and devices with little effort and far less material cost than current diagnostics and treatment.

This does bring up a good point about health care and the wireless future of medicine.   Many of the most ambitious health care waste-reducers and time-savers in health care can rely on existing hardware - such as small remote devices, along with intuitive software for computers, networks, and smartphones.  Much of this technology already exists in some form, opening a doorway to creative uses for providing care.  The digital age has opened new horizons for health and the SIMSystem is another example of how we can use technology to increase the quality of life and the quality of healthcare.

A great presentation by Eric Topol on the future of medicine: