Helpful Tools for Donning / Removing Compression Stockings

Mentioned in a previous post about donning and removing compression therapy stockings, there are some tools for donning/removing stockings you can use to make the experience easier and safer.

Stocking Applicator – A small device that allows you to fold a stocking inside-out and simply insert your toes and heel inside. Once your foot is inside, you simply slide the stocking up the leg. Ideal for those with less mobility, or those who just want a simply effective way to put on their stockings each morning.

Rubber Gloves – Rubber gloves provide extra traction against the material that does not risk runs or tears. Gloves allow you to “rub” out any wrinkles in the material so the stockings or socks do not cause you irritation later.

Slip on Applicator – There are a number of tools out there, such as the “Slip on Sigvaris” silk foot slip for open-toe stockings or the “Slippie Gator” from Juzo that can help make inserting your heel and into the stocking easier.