Freshly Updated Rochester Catalog – All New Urological Products and Supplies!

Rochester, one of America's leading developers of new Urological technology for 22 years, provides all-silicone catheters and latex-free products. Rochester emphasizes the versatility and technology of their U.S. made products, and we've just added Rochester's innovative catheters and urological supplies to our online inventory on

Here are highlights of Rochester's high performance catheters and urological product lines:

StrataSI - Made with Rocheter's "Comfort Layered Technology", the StrataSI silicone Foley catheter has a soft, flexible latex feel - without the latex. It features a multi-layered design with a softer outer layer to reduce uretheral trauma and a pliable inner core for flexibility.

StrataNF - Similar to the StrataSI with one key difference - it is the first silicone Foley catheter clinically proven to help reduce bacterial CAUTI with a layer of Nitrofurazone on the inner and outer surfaces.

Release NF - The only Foley catheter to elute an antibacterial agent directly to the urethra to protect against common and drug-resistant UTI causing organisms. Also, the only catheter with an indication of reducing bacterial CAUTI.

Magic3 - Three-layered technology makes this intermittent catheter unique: An ultra-soft outer layer for extra comfort and the reduction of uretheral trauma. A firmer middle layer to make the catheter easier to handle, and kink-resistant innermost layer that is pliable enough to help the catheter easily navigate internally. Magic3 catheters come in standard, hydrophilic, and antibacterial combinations for individual needs.

Personal Catheter - An economical all-silicone catheter without the allery concerns of latex and without the toxin concerns associated with PVC. Personal catheters come in a number of versatile options for both men and women.

Ultraflex - An external male catheter with built-in adhesive band and multiple sizes in a breathable, all-silicone construction.

Pop-On - A shorter, low profile external male catheter with secure, forward-placement adhesives built in.

WideBand - Similar to UltraFlex male external catheters, but with 70% more adhesive area in comparison. This ensures strong adhesion for a superior secure fit.

Natural - Rocheter's Natural external male catheter comes uses foam straps instead of adhesives, making it the perfect catheter for those who need to change external catheters several times a day.

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