Deep Vein Thrombosis Awareness Month – Sigvaris Compression Therapy Stockings Now Over 30% Off!

Deep Vein Thrombosis - DVT Awareness MonthDid you know that March is Deep Vein Thrombosis Awareness month? Probably not, unless you have DVT. Maybe you don't know if you have DVT - a condition that effects over 2 million Americans and the precursor to Pulmonary Embolism, which kills 300,000 people per year.
Learn more about Deep Vein Thrombosis Awareness Month.

Since DVT is often treatable with compression stockings and everyone is talking about it, we did some thinking: Who only wears just one pair of socks or stockings? After all, the acclimated and experienced sock-shopper knows, regular socks and stockings are typically sold in packs of at least 3 pair.

So, we put our heads together and thought about this for awhile.  So, in honor of Deep Vein Thrombosis month, we are passing more cost savings to you with volume pricing for our whole line of Sigvaris stockings.

Let's face it, compression therapy stockings can get expensive.  With a purchase of multiple pairs of your favorite compression therapy stockings and socks, you can enjoy some of the lowest pricing available online for brand new Sigvaris stockings. See for yourself:

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Simply choose the quantity of stockings or socks you want and add them to the shopping cart.  The discounted price will automatically be applied to that stocking in your online shopping cart.