Coloplast Aquires Mpathy Medical for Female Pelvic Health

Medical manufacturer Coloplast, known for its urological and ostomy products, has recently acquired Mpathy Medical, a woman's health company providing solutions for women's stress incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse.

Mpathy manufactures the lightest mesh technologies for prolapse restoration for women; this acquisition will help increase the presence, research, innovation, and patient options to better care in the field of female urology.

With over 15 million women experiencing regular stress urinary incontinence, which usually happens due to weak or prolapsed pelvic muscles and can cause loss of bladder control when laughing, sneezing, or coughing. Typically, most light episodes are managed with the use of incontinence pads and more serious complications are managed with incontinence underwear and bed sheets. While these symptoms are common, they're not normal. Often, Kegel Exercises are recommended to strengthen the pelvic muscles but in extreme cases, surgery will alleviate the problems.

Coloplast continues to expand their presence in the United States in the Urology field, and their investments in women's incontinence solutions only further demonstrates the growing market, and thus, the needs of women everywhere for better solutions to incontinence.