All New for – JUZO Compression Therapy Stockings for Men and Women!

This week we've added a large stock of JUZO compression therapy stockings, socks, and hosiery to our online inventory!

Why do we like JUZO?

All latex-free stockings - Every JUZO stocking is 100% latex free, lessening to risks of skin allergies and irritations. Made with Lycra, providing a two-way elasticity, a more comfortable wear, and allows the garment to move with you.

Machine Wash and Dry - Thanks to Fibersoft technology, all JUZO stockings can be machine washed and dried as well as extra resistant to the sun, ointments, lotions, and perspiration.

Precise Sizing and Numerous Color Options - We've added over 3000 variations of JUZO stockings, socks, and support hose for you to choose from so you can find the best fit for your needs and the best style for your taste!

We now offer all sizes and styles of JUZO Soft, JUZO Soft Leggings, JUZO Dynamic (Varin), and the more economical JUZO Basic, Basic Ribbed, and pattern series!