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Slips and falls in the bathroom are the most common injury among seniors at home. And sometimes, these slips and falls can literally be crippling.

Each year, thousands of seniors are hospitalized due to injuries from falls. These falls are common in bathrooms where one is required to maneuver around tubs, showers, and toilets where surfaces are slippery when wet!

Most if not all falls could be avoided with the proper tools in place to prevent them. Grab bars are literally "handles" attached to the wall or tub to provide support, preventing dangerous falls that cause great suffering and expensive hospital bills.

Everyone has seen grab bars in Handicapped stalls in public bathrooms, which are there for this purpose. But there are many home environments for those who with limited mobility, or even for those who just simply want a little extra safety in the bathroom.

Thankfully, Bridge Medical Grab Bars make fall prevention and bathroom safety very easy for everyone.

Bridge Medical Grab Bars

Bridge Medical Grab Bars are very popular sellers in our local St. Louis store. And now, we're pleased to offer the full line of grab bars from Bridge Medical to our online customers! Here are the reasons why:

  • No Tools or Installation Needed - Installing a grab bar professionally can cost in the hundreds of dollars and provides no ability to move or adjust the bars length or location. Bridge Medical Grab Bars use suction cups to attach to tub and tile surfaces in the bathroom instead of hinges or screws that permanently affix the bar to a specific location. This means the grab bar can be placed and used almost instantly by anyone, anytime with little effort and no expertise.
  • Durable and Strong - Bridge Medical grab bars are strong enough to hold 350 lbs. of pressure, and are built with heavy-duty plastics, thick rubber suction cups and non-corrosive metals.
  • Versatile - There are multiple options of grab bars available, including telescoping handles and pivot ends that make it easy to affix the bar in bathroom configurations or situations where extra length or an "awkward" angle may be needed.
  • Portability - Just because you want a little extra support in the bathroom doesn't mean you're not going anywhere - and most houses and hotel rooms are not outfitted with grab bars or supports in their bathrooms. Bridge Medical Grab bars can be easily packed and used in most tiled bathrooms and tubs with a solid surface for extra support anytime, anywhere!

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