All new! Adaptive Clothing by Cooper Martin

We've been searching out some of the more unique products and came across something that caught our eye - Cooper Martin's line of stylish and functional adaptive clothing for post-surgery wear, leg bags, orthopedic wraps, compression garments, disabled/handicapped, and those with limited mobility that can make dressing difficult.

Cooper Martin emphasizes both style and function in their designs and technology to produce a finished product that works well and looks good. Each leg of the pant has a zipper down the side that gives instant easy access to medical appliances without removing the pants.

All products use Cooper Martin's Active Recovery Technology - a group of core features that enhance both the look and function of the pants:

  1. Active Zipper Lock - Patent pending zipper closure system that locks the zipper securely to the waistband of the pants.
  2. Integrated Zipper System - A series of hidden zipper systems across the pants, making it easy to access medical appliances and change clothes.
  3. Ergonomically Designed - Cooper Martin works with orthopedic surgeons and health care professionals to come up with a unique 49-point production process for each pair of pants. This is over 10 times the number of processes for a standard pair of khakis, and ensures the usefulness, durability, and comfort of the finished product.
  4. Classic Styles & Maximum Mobility - Each garment is created with luxury in mind as well as function. Each pair of trousers looks and feels like a good pair of pants with special medical wear enhancements neatly built in.
  5. Organic Cotton - Cooper Martin is aware of environmental impact and aims to produce goods that are not only superior in function and style but in materials as well. Each garment is made with 100% organic cotton and the packaging is made with 100% post-consumer byproduct.

Mens khakis come in a classic pleated style with a zipper on each side, tucked out of sight, while still providing an excellent comfortable wear and look. Shop now!

Cooper Martin classic women's black trousers look great and feel great with all the same useful Active Recovery functionality. (Available in sizes 4 - 14). Shop now!

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