New! 2010 Full Line of Sigvaris Compression Therapy Stockings at Discount Prices

We’ve recently updated our stock to the 2010 full line of Sigvaris compression stockings.   We’ve also included Sigvaris sizing charts to help choose the best size stockings or socks at the right level of compression you need.

Here's a quick video from Sigvaris explaining compression stocking therapy, its benefits, and a little about their products.

What are compression stockings?

Compression stockings are tight fitting stockings or socks serving numerous treatments for the wearer.  Compression stockings such as Sigvaris are often prescribed by a physician for those with achy legs from standing and walking frequently.  They can also be used to help treat varicose veins, swelling, Chronic Vein Insufficiency, and many forms of Post-Thrombotic Syndrome (PTS) including edema, hyperpigmentation, stasis cellulitis, venous stasis ulcers and much more.

There are also athletic recovery compression socks, which aid in flushing out lactic acids  to relieve muscle soreness from tired and aching legs.

How can I choose the right compression stockings?

You should choose the stockings at the right compression level – some users may experience dangerous blog clot issues if choosing stockings at a higher compression than prescribed.  Because of this, you should speak with your health physician before making your purchase.   Stockings over 15-20mmHg require a doctor’s prescription.  

Sigvaris stockings come in series which can provide their own benefits, look, and feel.  Simply start on our Compression stockings homepage, choose your gender and compression level and you will see all the Sigvaris series available.  Or alternately, you can search by Sigvaris series and find product gender and compression level that suits your needs.

How do I choose the right size?

There are sometimes 12 different sizes for each type of stocking.   Use our Sigvaris Sizing Guides to determine the right size for your stocking.  Measuring for your own stockings will require measuring tape and/or printing the online guides from our site to measure against your body.

Sizing Tips: For the best measurements and fit, measure for stockings on the bare skin when swelling is at its lowest.  Measure snugly but don’t constrict.

See our Sigvaris Sizing Guide

How do I put on and take off Sigvaris stockings?

You want to don compression stockings correctly to avoid any skin irritation or damaging the product.  Stockings are donned with rubber gloves for traction to slide the stocking gently up the leg.   Sigvaris stockings also have a simple applicator device that allows you to slip your foot into the stocking that allow it to “roll” up, adhering to the leg. For tools to make donning and removal easier, see the Sigvaris Accessories.

So what are you waiting for?  Find your size or see our full selection of discounted Sigvaris compression stockings and socks.